Bicycles in Croats

The first bicycle in Zagreb was brought by Ladislav Beluš in 1867 from the World exhibition in Paris, and already on June 26, 1885, the First Croatian Bike Society was founded, which promoted a cultivated ride through the city and organized excursions around city Zagreb. Soon many bicycle clubs are established in several cities, and in Zagreb, there are the Croatian club of bicyclists Sokol 1887, the club ‘Koturaški klub Sloven’ 1894, the club of bicyclists Velocitas 1892 and the club ‘Zagrebački koturaški klub Orao’ 1904.

The first bicycling racetrack in Zagreb was built in 1891 at today’s Roosevelt Square, which was built by the Croatian Club of bicyclists Sokol. In this racetrack in 1892, the first bicycling championship of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia was held in a 5000-meter race.

On June 29, 1886, the first bicycling race in Zagreb was held for the Croatian national theatre in Zagreb, driven on Zrinjevac, and competed in two categories: large and small bicycles.

The first bicycle race on Zrinjevac

Many races have been taken since then, and the most famous is Tour of Croatia, a race of more than 1000 kilometres.

U Hrvatsku se godišnje prosječno uveze oko 200 tisuća bicikli. Najmanji uvoz zabilježili smo krizne 2010. godine kada je ta brojka bila 127 tisuća komada, koje su hrvatski uvoznici platili 90,2 milijuna kuna.

Approximately 200 thousand bicycles are imported to Croatia annually. The lowest imports were recorded in the 2010 crisis when this number was 127 thousand pieces, which Croatian importers paid 12.3 million €.

Jedina domaća literatura koja obrađuje anatomiju bicikla i tehničke aspekte je diplomski rad Gordana Krpanca – Konstrukcija brdske dvokolice iz 1991.

The only domestic literature about bicycle anatomy and technical aspects is the graduate thesis of Gordan Krpanac –  Construction of the Mountain two-wheeler vehicle 1991.